Amedeus Photography | Expired 4x5 Polaroid/Fujiroid
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The gallery contains mostly nudes made on expired Polaroid or Fuji Instant 4x5 film.

All images are scanned and subsequently processed digitally.

Limited 10 print edition 8x10 prints are available, signed and numbered by the artist with COA

The one-and-only originals can be purchased matted by the artist and ready to frame in a 8"x10" frame.

Results are often unpredictable which makes this somewhat challenging.
Pregnant in my kitchenCOA, "Fuji Instant Film", Hermagis, Hermagis, P2, P2, "Sarah Ellis", Sinar, Sinar, edition, expired, "fine art", limited, polaroid, signed, pictorialism, pictorialist, "soft focus", portrait, nude

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