Amedeus Photography | About
I fell in love with photography at age 8 when I received an all plastic Diane camera and few rolls of 120 film.

Developing film and printing images was expensive for a boy of little means and the passion was put on hold for the pursuit of music, drawing, painting and technical hobbies.

Fully engulfed in music composition and the development of computer controlled electronic synthesizers in my early twenties, photography then was a means to document my technology projects.

In the mid 80's I developed a hybrid analog/digital camera and was back at the creative and technology side of this art ... developing hardware and software in a exponentially expanding technology field.

This chain of events resulted in my life-long pursuit of beauty and convergence of art and technology in both digital music and imaging technologies.

Love struck merciless when I discovered my true passion photographing people with all the empathy a life has instilled in me.

I've never looked back ... since then I use this expressive medium in digital and film in a variety of formats as my way to observe the world through a viewfinder, as a means to tell a story ...

Photography has provided me with opportunities to meet new people, experience different cultures worldwide and explore my surroundings with an open mind.

I feel fortunate that my subjects embrace working with me ... trust me ... invite me into their intimate universe in an open and honest way sharing their soul. I relish every moment of this photographer-subject relationship and cherish the bond that is created with the people I photograph.

My artistic vision always aims to document each subject's beauty, complexity, uniqueness and intimacy, creating images saturated with raw emotion.

My art has been called cinematic, quiet, emotional, dramatic, intimate ...

Contact me to inquire about current projects and rates. I shoot commercial, travel, portrait, events and fine art.

I work in digital 35mm and MFDB. I'm equally at home in analog film technology up to 8"x10" film.

Rudi Amedeus Blondia