Amedeus Photography | Artist Statement

Photography for me is a way of living life through a viewfinder or even an old-fashioned wooden camera ground-glas ... capturing and documenting how I see the world around me regardless of subject.  

I prefer not to segment myself, I truly believe an artist should be at home in all the aspects of the chosen craft and hone the required transferable skills... I capture landscapes, cityscapes, bodyscapes with the same ease and passion as the intimate portrait.

I'm passionate being behind the camera and I'm equally passionate turning the raw images into the impression of the moment using darkroom processes ... I craft and mold the image till I re-live the memory of seeing, connecting, feeling, sharing ... 

I often strive for an uncluttered view in my images and isolate the subject from distracting backgrounds to ease the eye of the viewer into the story.

The majority of my work aims to document each subject's beauty, complexity, uniqueness, shock-value and intimacy, creating images saturated with emotion and wonder.

As for my work with people, I love to explore the body and I'm fascinated with faces and how emotion is communicated in the often complex photographer/sitter-model relationship ...  always exploring emotion, angles, space, reflection, light, tonality, heart and soul ... 


Rudi Amedeus Blondia