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Stuff seen alongside California's roads, deserts, woods, hills, mountains, cities and villages that caught my eye
Americana, mailboxes, "rural road", CaliforniaCowboy CrossBodie, California, "Ghost Town", "Gold Mining", car, desert, "national park", "urban decay"Bodie, car, desert, "national park",California, "Gold Mining", "Ghost TownGraffiti, Los Angeles, California, street, taggingGraffiti, Los Angeles, California"Golden Gate Bridge", "San Francisco", California, Bridge, "Atlantic Ocean", red, "Bay Area", "Signal Red"Bodie, California, "Wagon Wheel", broken, landscape, winter, cold, gloomy"Muir Beach", rocks, ocean, Pacific, foggy, pictorialism, b&w, landscape, seascapeYosemite, "Bridal Veil", falls, June, winter, snow, water, mist, green

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